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21CBS – 15 Year Anniversary – 2001 to 2016

26-May-2016 15:21
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by Admin

On the evening of the 20th May 2016 we celebrated 15 years of successful trading with our team at Aqua on Welshback in Bristol. Our founder and managing director Tony Zammit took the opportunity to say a few words about the formation, growth and transitions the business has had to go through to become a recognised regional main contractor and ensure its continued success making us the business we are today.

Glasses were also raised to four employees who have now been with the business for a minimum of 10 years including Ashley Russell, Neil Beirn, Mike Gibbs and Robert Sendor. We are particularly proud of our high staff retention rates with over half the work force now entering a minimum of 5 years service and a number of new members working towards these landmarks as the business continues to grow.

It is safe to say that there were a few sore heads in the morning and that we all look forward to the businesses continued successful trading for a number of years to come.