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21CBS completes external fabric works at Accessorize Truro

26-July-2015 16:43
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by Admin

We have successfully completed external fabric maintenance and repair works to Accessorize Truro. Works to the Grade 2 listed façade began in the middle of May 2015 and took 7 weeks to complete.

The works were instructed via Monsson Accessorize through Bristol based external consultants TFT.

The project included the erecting of scaffolding over the public highway during out of hours due to the nature of the busy high street location. Traditional timber repairs were carried out to a number of windows, the shop front and architectural details. Minor roof repairs were carried out and then the entire structure was cleaned down prior to redecoration of the façades masonry and wood work. Internally water damaged plaster was hacked off, sub base treated and replaced with new. Affected areas were redecorated. A 5 yearly inspection of the electrical installation was also completed.

Works were contract managed by Lee Elliot and site managed by Keith Dawes.